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Frequently Asked Questions

To save you time and to answer your questions, read our Frequently Asked Questions first. If you have any remaining questions feel free to call.

What types of desserts do you provide?

We specialize in wedding cakes, all occasion cakes, and of course our signature cakeballs. Other baked goods are available.

Do you provide special dietary cakes, such as vegan, sugar-free or gluten-free?

Gluten-free cakes are available now. See our prices for more information.

Are you licensed by the state health department?


How soon do I need to order my cake?

It’s never too early to book your wedding cake.  Summer months fill up quickly!

Which are your most popular flavors?

Our white almond is our most popular. It is imitation almond not an extract.  Our dark chocolate fudge is our second most popular.

Can I choose more than one flavor?

Absolutely! We don’t charge extra for more than one flavor unless it is a specialty flavor.

How much cake will I need?

That will depend on how your cake is served. Buffet style? It is not necessary to have a slice for each guest. Served to each guest? You will want a piece for each person. However other factors may determine how much cake you need which we can go over during your consultation.

What do I need to bring for my consultation?

Any design ideas you have whether it be from one of our cakes, pictures from other websites, or your own sketches. Anything you would like to incorporate into your cake we would like to see such as ribbon or color swatches.

What is required to hold the date?

We ask for a $100 deposit which holds your date and your prices. The balance is due 10 days before your date.

Is the balance refundable?    

No. Once your date is held, all business is turned away for your spot. Since we take a limited number of orders per week, dates sell out very quickly. However, if your date is postponed to within one year of initial booking, your deposit may still be applied toward your wedding cake IF we are available for that date.

What cake accessories do you provide?

IF available cake stands, towers, pillars, etc…may be loaned out. We do not charge a rental fee. We only ask for a separate deposit to insure the items are returned.

What is your delivery fee?

We base our delivery fee on how far we are traveling, how much cake is ordered, and how much is required at setup.  For example cupcakes and cakeballs may need extra time to set up and display.  Flower placement, setting up of fountains or stairs etc. also require more time. Three and even four tiered cakes have been picked up from our shop to save on delivery costs. Since we are limited  on how many deliveries we can make per weekend, once we are booked we may still be available for you to pick up your wedding cake.